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Roosh’s brotherly advice
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Maybe the best way to find out what men really think about female sexuality is to overhear them giving advice to a female family member. With his analytical deconstruction of female sexuality, Game blogger Roosh makes Tucker Max look like a bumbling fool. (He also scares the bejeezus out of me; before my daughter spent a summer in his fair city, I sat her down and showed her his photo, along with the warning, “This man has very tight Game. Do not engage him in conversation under any circumstances!”)

From his Open Letter to the Parents of American Daughters:

Dear American Parent,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of your awful parenting, average men just like myself are racking up notch counts that even Casanova himself would be jealous of, all from learning a handful of game tricks.

I have performed the job that you have not. When my sister was about 16, I sat her down for “the talk.” I went over human sexual anatomy and contraception, but most importantly I talked about the meaning of sex. Here’s what I told her:


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 All men are pigs
All men are pigs. Yes, even I am a pig. All we want is to have sex with the least amount of effort. We will say anything you want to hear in order to get it. Understand that before sex, you have all the power, but afterwards you have very little. A guy who was jumping over himself to hang out with you will be more nonchalant after sex, like he doesn’t even care.

The only way a man will value you is if you made him put in a lot of investment before sex. The more work he puts in, the less he can rationalize that you were meaningless to him, and the more likely he will continue to pursue because he considers you above the rest. Each man you have sex with that doesn’t call you back will kill a part of your soul, and it’s your job to guard against that. Only have sex with men who earn it.

One last thing. A guy will use every trick in the book not to use a condom. If he tries, he has probably done that on god knows how many women, and those women have done the same on god knows how many men. Don’t turn your body into a petri dish.

South Carolina

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 Polygamous impulse
That’s some brotherly love right there. If your parents don’t do the job, talk to a brother or cousin. Make every effort to understand how men think. Recent HUS acquisition Escoffier has been wowing us all with his articulate wisdom. Yesterday, he made an appeal to women that struck me with its sound reasoning and strategic bent. It makes an excellent bookend to the Roosh piece.

The reason the alphas seem so misogynistic is that 99% or more of their experience with women is with sluts, morons, emotional wrecks, or the painfully naive (categories not necessarily exclusive). So of course they don’t respect those women and then it’s only natural that they extrapolate that lack of respect to all women. What they pine for is one worthy of their respect.

So, to you girls who hate the hook-up scene: BE THAT GIRL. By that I mean not just avoiding casual sex (though that is hugely important), but be it on the inside. Understand your own hypergamous impulse and smash it down. Just as you would expect any husband to understand his own polygamous impulse and smash it down.

North Dakota

 Final Words
It will not be easy and it may not work for all of you, or even for most of you, at least not at first. You have to think of yourselves as pioneer women or first generation immigrants, cooking on open mesquite fires on the prairie or living in cold water 5th floor walk-ups drying your clothes over the street. And, let’s be honest, it’s not going to be nearly that bad. The worst thing you will have to face is a certain kind of loneliness (no BF), not absolute loneliness.

Well, guess what: you face that now. Hooking up is not getting you BFs or husands and the vast majority of the time it never will. So you really have nothing to lose.

Wise words from two very different men. One a modern day Casanova, the other a monogamous married father of an adolescent girl. Both doing their best to protect the young women they love.


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